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Consumers around the world have a growing appetite for chicken from the United States, and Pilgrim's is meeting that increased demand by ensuring the best products and services to our customers. Pilgrim’s products are reaching more than 85 countries in the world throughout 4 different continents.

Pilgirm's is focused on quality, value, and fulfilling consumer needs all over the globe. Different nationalities are enjoying the taste and tenderness of fresh or frozen whole chicken and chicken parts produced by Pilgrim’s. In addition, Pilgrim's offers fully cooked chicken products, chicken franks and other processed items that are consumed in numerous famous restaurant chains around the world.

Some facts about our presence in the world:

  • Rockingham Franks, one of Pilgrim's brands, is the top-selling U.S. chicken hot dog in the world.
  • Several hundred truckloads of Pilgrim's chicken are delivered monthly to families in Mexico. The U.S. exports more than 20,000 tons/month and Pilgrims has a great participation in this volume.
  • Asian countries such as Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam, taste the unique and distinctive local dish consisting of chicken paws and boneless/bone-in legs from Pilgrim’s.
  • Respect for culture and religion can be found in all of Pilgrim’s operations throughout most of the the Middle Eastern countries (UAE, Kuwait, etc). All Halal requirements and procedures are strictly followed allowing Pilgrim's to sell a full line of Halal certified chicken products.
  • CIS countries, including but not limited to, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan are countries that already currently enjoy Pilgrim’s products.

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Exports to Mexico

Pilgrim's has three processing plants and 12 distribution centers in Mexico. We are the second largest producer and seller of chicken in Mexico. We have worked hard to differentiate our products in Mexico through high-quality client service and product improvements such as dry-air chilled products.

We sell our chicken products primarily to wholesalers, large restaurant chains, fast food accounts, supermarket chains and direct retail distribution in selected markets. Because our plants are located in the central region in Mexico, we primarily service the central states in Mexico. The northwestern Mexico states are supplied mainly through imports from the United States. 

Supermarket chains in Mexico have learned to look to us for innovation in fresh products and the market for our value-added products is increasing. And we'll continue to innovate and to capitalize on our vast US experience in both products and quality, while at the same time improving on our already well-known customer service.

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